Oscar and Sunshine vest commissioned to honour two very good boys (and a special birthday boy). Machine knit intarsia using yarn spun and dyed locally, Whitby, 2020

Custom punch card lace vest commissioned by designer Tom Scutt for Cabaret at the Kit Kat Klub (Playhouse Theatre), London

Photography by Marc Brenner

Stars and Rudolph raglan jumper for the Two Doors down Christmas Special worn by Gordon (Keiran Hodgson), 2020

Two versions of the Death Moth pattern for two special clients. The snail motif on the second vest is in tribute to a beloved pet and highlighted in silk using duplicate stitch so Dollop the Snail can shine on.

Mega Boulders - A special gift for a geologist who doesn't shy away from bold patterns, 2019
A recreation of a vintage pattern from 1928 for the Black Country Living History Museum.
Machine knit lambswool with crochet medalion, 2020

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