What drains you?
Eyrun Müller and Lydia Hann have created costumes in response to the struggles that drain Ibsen’s women. Grasping the longing felt in Lady from the Sea and channeling it through the Selkie stories of Shetland and Selkolla of Iceland, the designers gifted the actors seal skins to transform, shed and reclaim in search of their power.
Departing from the thesis of universal relevance in the individually oriented liberation projects of Henrik Ibsen’s female characters; this ensemble of eight women explores power – through the knitted patterns of history and biology. Alongside the unavoidability of oscillations in states of being. Whilst asking; what can support an individual in phases of personal transition? And what are the power-sources feeding biology, communities, history, and processes of emancipation?
Under the banner of Ibsen Scope’s 2022 theme “The Power of History”, Sluk/Drain is a collective exploration of various states of our togetherness.
Artistic team
Anette Waller, Eyrun Müller, Lena Sendstad, Lydia Hann, Maiken Rye, Martha Rasmussen Lubiana, Tuva Hennum, Victoria Sophie Gulliksen, Ylva Leistad og Adrian Pontier

Photography by Eyrun Müller

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