Photo: Manuel Madsen
"“Crane Reflects on a Favor” is a post-operatic allegory; a dream-like sonic performance installation, sung in three parts by three women, each representing one of the stages of the crane’s response to her offering: first as a gift given freely, then in response to pleading, and finally after demands of ownership"
Concept and text: Kristin Norderval (US/NO)
Music: Kristin Norderval developed with the ensemble
Director: Jill Sigman (US)
Lighting: Kaja Lund (NO)
Sound design: Kristin Norderval (US/NO)
Sound engineer: Cato Langnes (NO)
Costume design: Jill Sigman (US) and Lydia May Hann (UK/NO)
Costume construction: Lydia May Hann (UK/NO)
Long string instruments construction: Jon Halvor Bjørnseth (NO)
Production assistants: Maria Caliniuc (RO), Gabriela Caliniuc (RO)
Producer/stage manager: Claudia Lucacel (NO/GR/RO)
Photo: Manuel Madsen
Photo: Claudia Lucacel
Photo: Manuel Madsen

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