Shepherd's Bridge is a sensorial love letter wool, to mountain paths, and to getting soil under your nails in pursuit of art. We created the piece to confront the beauty that is ignored for being too dirty, too rough, and too difficult and through collective effort elevate it to something effortless. The emotional drive behind Shepherd's Bridge was connection. Connection to the animal, the land, and connection to the many hands which lent their effort to its creation. Shepherd's Bridge connects the shepherd to the shearer to us in service of the galaxy of grey on the sheep's back.

Shepherd's Bridge is 20 meters of felted raw Norwegian fleece. The piece was wet felted by hand (and foot). Dozens of unprocessed fleeces were sorted by colour and texture and brought together into a continuous fleece which retains the vegetation, mud and musk of the sheep in its curls. The work is strengthened with a silk co re and contains the remains of washi paper messages from our visit to Japan which partly inspired the work. The steel fixtures were made by Kevin Axelsson to our specifications. 

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